Monday, January 10, 2011

Scott Pilgrim and the Vegan Police

A snowy morning dose of vegan humor.  This representation is demonstrative of several things in terms of the ways that vegan identity is perceived as not only holier-than-thou but also as mere posturing devoid of a committed ideological stance.  Veganism as cool, as outward indicator of a kind of moral superiority dependent upon one's ability to eschew the dietary choices of mere mortals.  And veganism as an impossibility, an affront to one's more human inclination to partake of animal-based foods.

But while the vegan is shown to be a fraud, the non-vegans are also satirized, depicted as policing the dietary regimen that allows for super powers.  They record each transgression, determined to strip the supposed vegan of his powers (and to totally fuck up his hair).  My favorite part is that the police aren't holding any weapons; they strip Todd of his powers by pointing their fingers at him.

Oh, and on a totally unrelated note, Isaiah Mustafa, "the man your man could smell like," is vegan.   

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